A Recliner Couch will Serve the whole Family

Just like in other recliners, a recliner couch is a couch with reclining capabilities. A couch is a home sofa that seats more than two people at a time. Unlike in a loveseat, it accommodates more on the seat.

Reclining couch simply has all seats having reclining abilities that the whole family can enjoy.

Design material for a recliner couch

The design material for a recliner couch is the same most sofas have. They can be any of leather, fabric, microfiber or faux leather. They are all beautiful design products with very competitive qualities

Consider having a faux leather recliner couch for your home décor

Faux leather is one of the very best designs of home sofas. In this, article, we’ll take a look at both the good and the downsides of faux leather design for you recliner couch and if it’s a good choice or not.

Faux leather is leather but the only difference is its being a synthetic type. Faux leather is much cheaper than real leather. There are two common types of faux leather.

  • The PVC make
  • The poly- derivative types

The poly- variants, like polyurethane are quite easier to manage than the PVCs and are more common. They have no cleaning difficulties like the PVC type.

Advantages of faux leather recliner couch

  • It is cheaper than the real leather
  • It is animal-friendly in that animals don’t have to be killed to extract skins for its production
  • They are easily cleaned with clothing or wet dusters
  • They have a high production rate of different colors and design.
  • It is crack-proof and requires minimal maintenance. The poly- variants are environmentally friendlier.


  • Being synthetic, it doesn’t have the same shine as a real leather.
  • It can easily get turn especially when a sharp object comes in contact with it.
  • It constitutes an environmental waste of synthetic material compared to leather which is a by-product of animals.

From the above pros and cons, it is obvious that the advantages of faux material supersede the disadvantages. And an additional factor of note is the fact that faux leather recliner couch are lot cheaper than a real leather recliner.

Well, what your choice would be may depend largely on cost considerations. Though, faux leather design is closely similar to a real leather, it is cheaper and has all the good, perhaps more of a leather’s qualities.