An L-Shaped Bunk Bed Can be all your Children Needs

Among the various styles of bunk beds in the market, the L-shaped bunk beds stand out. If you’re looking for a bunk for your older children between ages above 7 years presumably, then  L-shaped bunk beds will serve the required purpose for that age. High school and older, would equally find an L-shaped bunk bed useful because most designs of this style favors older children more.

Description of L-shaped bunk beds

We can give more than one description to this bunk beds.

The conventional L-shape bunk bed has the bottom bunk designed to be perpendicular to the top bunk.  In this case, instead of the bottom bunk aligning parallel, it stretches out instead. Stairs  or  ladder is provided at the ends to reach the top.

The second design, however, has the top and bottom bunk parallel but contains an extension at the side given it the L-shape. This extension comfortably holds the drawer,  a shelf, and a desk  attachment. There is a ladder at the other end to reach the top as well. This style is typically for older children who would find it useful for studying.

Types of  L-shaped bunk beds

L-shaped bunk beds are observed to have different types. Predominantly, you would find the twin-over-full L-shaped bunk beds. That is, the top bunk has a twin size mattress which is smaller to the full size at the bottom. Well, there may not be any strict rule to the type design as custom design can vary. Other types seen are full –over-full and twin-over-twin.

Design Material of L-shaped bunk beds

Wood is the major design material of this style of bunk . Solid wood such as oak and less hard one such as pine are used for its crafting. Metals are also used, though not as common as wood. The metal design gives that modern look. Nickel and brass materials are predominantly used.

Pros and Cons of L-shaped Bunk beds

This style of bunk is good for its multi-purpose use for older children. The shelf  and drawers can be used for storage of  books and items, while the desk serves as a reading desk.

The disadvantage you can really find is the amount of space it occupies. The extended perpendicular shape will not be appropriate for you if you’re scarce of space in the room but if not, there are really no visible advantage.