Create a fun atmosphere with bunker bed in your children’s room

In apartments of today there is always a space constraint and bunker bed is an ideal solution. In the children’s room it provides a fun atmosphere for the children. Bunker bed is  also convenient when you have to stay in hostels or small apartment that you share with friends during your university studies. These offer comfortable sleeping space for two besides storage space. Snuggle collection has bunker beds of  quality material that will last a long time.

Bunker Bed from snuggle collection to make best use of available space

Bunker bed is made from premium ply wood which is pre laminated to last a long time. The edges of the ply wood on all sides are blunted by the machine and covered with pvc beading. The bunker bed is designed to provide comfortable sleeping space for the users. They are also stable and strong to last a long time.

The bunker bed has two drawers for storage which are mounted on quality drawer channels which are telescopic. It can be easily dismantled when required for transporting. It is provided with average height adjustable tough pvc shoes and a well-fitting mattress. This bunk bed requires a ladder for easy access.

Bunker Bed for comfortable sleeping experience

There are different types of bunker beds that are available for hostel, kid’s room and for hotels. These bunker beds are made of quality material that will last a long time. The material used is usually steel. They are comfortable providing ample space to sleep. Two people can sleep besides there is storage space below. This is very convenient for people staying in the hostel who have to stare a room.

It is also ideal for children’s room where two children can share a bunker bed. This also builds a good friendly relation between the two children.

Bunker bed that children will love

These bunker beds are available in vibrant colors that the children will love. It is made of quality material like rubber wood that will last a long time. Two people can sleep comfortably in the bunker bed besides it has a trundle for storage or a third person to sleep if a friend stays over. It has solid wood legs and a ladder which is attached.

Full security is provided for the person using the top bunker bed with wood railings. The suppliers offer 12 months warranty.  If you are thinking of getting bunk beds for your home then check on the ones mentioned above and buy.