All parents want their kid’s life to be filled with fun and excitement so that they can reflect back on their childhood with fond memories filled with good times. One of the most popular ways to propagate these memories is with a great set of children’s bunk beds. You can get your kids excited with the idea of buying new furniture for their bedrooms. When parents get to purchase what makes their kids happy and also save on necessary investments, they become happy. For kids, new beds mean they are growing up.

Advantages of Children Bunk Beds

  1. Two Beds: Every kid gets their own personal bed to sleep in and there are no quarrels.
  2. More Space: For a small room bunk beds create more space for other work and play activities. One full king size bed would take up almost all the space in a small room hence, bunker beds.
  3. If one kid fall sick in the middle of the night, waking up the second is not necessary even when a change of sheets is needed.
  4. The bunk beds can also be separated in to two twin beds.


  • Can the bunk beds be separated into two beds?

Purchasing children’s bunk beds that can separate into two beds is a great idea because in times of need when guests come over, you can divide the space accordingly. This flexibility comes in hand in case of emergencies.

  • How much space should there be in between the bunks?

In a couple of years, the heads of the kids start touching the top bunk, so discussing for how long you are going to keep the beds before hand is always advisable. The kids should not hunch over or bend down whenever they have to sit in the lower bunk. This may not sound as important, but take it from us, it is.

  • How high should you keep the top bunk?

If you have low fans or a low ceiling, keeping the top bunk a little lower is suggested for the safety of the kids. You should consider how tall the entire children’s bunk bed should be before installing them in the kid’s room.

  • Aesthetics?

You should ask yourself a few questions regarding the aesthetics also. Do you like the way the bed look in the end? Is the finish polished or sanded? Did you want a wooden bunk bed or a metal bunk bed? Do you like the color of the wood polish? All these questions will make the need result a lot better and cost effective since you will know exactly what you want out of the bunk bed for your kids.