Give your Room a graceful touch with Black and White Chest of Drawers


Finding the right furniture for your room can be a tedious task as you don’t want your room like a store room and at the same time you don’t want it to look like you don’t have enough money to buy furniture. There is really a small line which separates the above two mentioned scenarios. To avoid them and to fill in that little gap in your room, a black and white chest of drawers are perfect. Apart from just filling in the gap, black and white chest of drawers give you that little extra storage space and help you arrange things as you want.

Designs, size and shape

Usually this black and white chest of drawers are made of wood and metals. Depending on the use, both white and black wooden drawers look good for home whereas a white metallic chest serves right for office use.

The black and white chest of drawers are available in different sizes ranging from small sized- containing only two drawers to large sized- containing up to five drawers. They also have shelves or cabinets built in them.

When it comes to shape, a square shaped or a rectangular shaped chest of drawers are perfect as they are easy to place and look sophisticated.


  • For children: Both white and black chest of drawers look like a great choice for your children’s room as they look classy and sophisticated. The storage they provide can be used to keep all of their clothes at one place. Apart from just storing the clothes, these drawers can also be used to store their toys, school books and some extra stuff. The top of the drawers can be used to keep books or it can be used as study table. You can even decorate it with photo frames or toys.
  • For Bedroom: In bedroom, depending on the position, it can be used in many ways. When placed close to the bed, you can keep medicines in the drawers along with some books which you like to read before sleeping. On the top of it, you can place a reading lamp or a photo frame with the picture of your dear ones in it. When placed right in front of your bed, you can keep a TV on top of it. If not, just like in ancient days, a mirror on the top also looks classy as well.

Whatever the purpose be, while buying these make sure that the quality of wood is good and is light in weight. Also make sure that they are not bulky and spacious from inside.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Give your Room a graceful touch with Black and White Chest of Drawers